Helps Protect Our Server Room

Facility management hvac in New York City is a must have if you possess a dedicated server room. That’s the place where you store all the sensitive computer hardware. It is absolutely essential that this room be protected from the elements. Not just dust and the dirt floating through the office, which is bad enough. It is all the other stuff you have to worry about as well, things like static electricity and humidity. Any of these elements can cause the sensitive equipment to go belly up. And ruined equipment can cost the company millions of dollars in lost data.

I can think of at least two incidents in the year before we took steps to remedy these problems. Continue reading “Helps Protect Our Server Room”

Renovating Our Store and Getting a New Paved Driveway Gets Me Reminiscing

We bought our first commercial building many years ago to make a retail store to serve the neighborhood. I cannot even begin to imagine the number of cars that have come and gone in this asphalt parking lot outside of our convenience store and gas station. We have three stores now, but this first one is special. I was thinking about this when it was time to call a paving contractor in Nassau County NY to come and redo the lot. We were having the gas pumps and islands replaced and the store renovated. Now it was time for the finishing touch of a new parking lot.

I remember when we first opened. We had a gravel lot for the first year. Continue reading “Renovating Our Store and Getting a New Paved Driveway Gets Me Reminiscing”