A Joy Ride With Dada !

It was on the 6th of October 2012 at 6 pm that young and old Bridge Builders from the Sadhu Vaswani Mission, Pune climbed on board the ‘Joy Express’ to enjoy a fun-filled ride!

The first stop on the itinerary was a rocking, interactive yet spiritual singing session with renowned artiste Renu Gidoomal from London. The passengers were treated to various genres of music such as pop and rap. Beloved Dada’s arrival amidst the powerful and enthusiastic singing brought the musical merry-making to a crescendo. A remixed, old Bollywood number was sung to pay reverence to Dear Dada.

The pilgrims were then transported to a peaceful place wherein they were blessed to listen to a recorded message of the Master, Sadhu T.L.Vaswani in which he explained the importance of speaking softly.

En route to the next station, the travellers sang the Bridge Builders’ Anthem in unison. On arriving at the next stop the voyagers were treated to a variety of humorous jokes told by none other than the Captain of their hearts, Revered Dada J.P.Vaswani. His lively joke-telling had the listeners in splits. Dadaji believes that laughter is a way to Mukti. He said that laughter had numerous other benefits and also explained that God intended each one of us to be a joy-giver!

After being thoroughly amused by Beloved Dada’s wisecracks the tourists were ready to disembark at their final destination: an always eagerly-awaited question and answer session with their Captain!

Question & Answer Session :-

1. Dear Dada, we are always joyful in your presence, how can we spread this joy to others and keep it alive in our hearts for forever?

A. If you keep your inner self pure and clean and if you keep on smiling from within, you will be carrier of joy in this world of tragedy and tears. There is a smile that others can see but there is a smile that is only visible to you. If you keep on smiling from within, you will be happy and a carrier of joy. For that you need to sit in silence everyday; preferably at the same place and practice smiling from within.

2. Dada, even after praying after a lot of years I am unable to get rid of my negative behavior, what can I do to bring the ultimate change in me?

A. Mere prayer is not enough; you need to develop your will power in order to transform your mind. One way of developing will power is to punish yourself when you find yourself negative on a certain occasion.

3. Beloved Dada, it is very difficult to be good in this bad world. How can one persevere to retain ethics?

A. Do your duty in the presence of God; don’t worry about what is happening around you. You must bear witness to the ideals you have chosen. If you keep on looking at others you won’t be able to do anything. Each one has to kindle his/ her small candle then there will be a change. The tiny flames will come together and there will be the splendor of the bright morning sun.

4. Dear Dada, when a Guru puts his disciple to test, does he help him or is it up to the disciple’s karma to pass the test?

A. In your dealings with the Guru, karma has no part. If you pass the test it is due to your Guru’s grace. If you fail the test that means you are not yet a receptacle for Guru’s grace. Therefore always pray for God’s grace to be showered upon you.

5. I am a 45 years old mother of three children. I get confused over small day to day decisions of life. My children don’t like this habit of mine and get irritated. Dada, please help!

A. Children will always get irritated but you should do your duty. You should consider your children to be sent by God so that you may bring them up in the right way. Therefore, whatever you do it should be done in the presence of God. Children above 8-9 years of age will not listen so it is best if you train your children before that age.

6. Dear Dada, since a few months a junior officer has joined our office. I am overburdened with work while she is less burdened with work, and is favored by my boss. In spite of putting in my best efforts my boss keeps scolding me at the slightest pretext. I try my best to accept everything as God’s will and try to forgive both of them. But at times I feel suffocated in this sick atmosphere. Please advise what I should do to get peace of mind.

A. Once you understand the working of the law of karma , you won’t have any difficulty. The law of karma says whatever is happening to you now is the result of something you have done in your earlier births. The law of karma is very simple, as you sow, so shall you reap. Whatever is happening in your office is balancing out the karma from your previous birth. It is reducing the burden of your karma so you should be happy. Change your attitude and change your life!

7. One of my friends just got engaged but she recently found out that her fiancé is suffering from kidney failure. Should she continue with the relationship?

A. If she doesn’t want to continue with the relationship she can break it now. Once the marriage takes place it will be very difficult for her. When the engagement took place the boy’s family should have told her about the situation and since they hid this from her she wouldn’t be blamed for breaking the engagement.

8. How does one make the right decision at the right time?

A. As you practice silence more and more you will not find it difficult to make the right decisions. But until you have learnt to dig deep within yourself, you should refer to some spiritual elder who can guide you to make the right decisions.

9. Dearest Dada, we are told to recognize the value of human birth. What then is the greatest quality that humans possess?

A. The greatest quality that humans possess is twofold- self-control on one hand and compassion on the other. If you possess these two qualities then you are the right human being otherwise you are no better than an animal.

10. Dear Dada, my son in law is always taunting, complaining, shouting, and fighting with my daughter. When I ask her to ignore, she tells me that I don’t understand her and feels sad about it. Dada, I want her to become bindaas and face the situation boldly. What should I do?

A. Advise her accordingly and stand by her when she needs your help. Marriages are not made here; they are made in the astral world. You know the deficiencies in your temperament and character in the astral world.There you know you are easily giving to anger. Therefore, you will find a partner who will excite you to anger so that you will learn to overcome it.

11. Dear Dada, there is a dispute in my family over financial matters. As a child should I fall into the dispute or stay from with it?

A. Stay away from it. The family should be kept intact, don’t break the family. As far as money/possessions of the world are concerned you will get as much you have brought with yourself. If you get more than you have brought you will lose it somehow. That amount will come to you whether you enter the dispute or keep away. You cannot get more as far as the wealth of the world is concerned but if you want to grow rich in the wealth of the spirit, the sky is the limit. Our difficulty is that we want to earn wealth of world but we do not pay attention to earning wealth of the spirit.

12. Dada, my father has a very negative attitude towards everything in life. What should I do to change him?

A. Pray for him. If you tell him that his attitude is a negative one, he will not be happy and in fact be more negative. If you are positive, let your example teach him. Pray for him and for you, “Lord if I am negativemake me also positive.”

13. Dadaji, how to digest the failure in life? Is it due to law of karma?

A. It may be due to law of karma but karma has two aspects- there is karma that we have brought with ourselves from the previous birth and the karma which we are creating now. So it could be either.

14. Is suicide also destined?

A. No, it is not destined. It is like taking the law in your hand which you must not do. Life is a gift of God; it is only he who can take it back. You do not have the right to take it.Man has been given the freedom to do right or wrong things. Many people do wrong things but they are not destined to do wrong things , they chose to do wrong things.

15. Dada, is there anything called as luck ?

A. Yes, there is such a thing called luck and it works; but luck is made by you. The karma of today becomes luck of tomorrow and the karma of yesterday is the luck of today. Karma and luck both go together.

16. Dear Dada, whenever I am with my friends and a topic on spirituality comes out my friends laugh at me. What do you think about this?

A. It only shows you are not moving in the right company. Take care of your company in which you move. Be in the company of believers; be in the company of positive people.

17. What is the difference between love and attachment?

A. In love there is no attachment and in attachment there is only attachment. In attachment, if you love a person, you want that person to love you and that’s all. In love, it is true love, it is a liberator, it is an emancipator, and it gives the freedom to do what you like Love is there to sacrifice itself.

The memorable adventure came to an end with each adventurer having received much joy and Revered Dada’s abundant blessings during this journey of a lifetime!

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