Affordable and Effective Paper Advertising

When you have a limited budget for advertisement, it’s hard to spread the word about a business. I created a website for my business, but it was only getting a few hits a day because no one really knew about it. To get more traffic and business, I had to take things offline. I came up with an idea to use door to door flyer distribution in Singapore, something that had been done for years. People don’t always pay attention to the flyers that arrive at their homes, but having them at least gives my business a fighting chance.

I knew that I would only have a few seconds for each flyer to capture the attention of the people who read them. In those few seconds, people would be able to glance over the flyer for key elements about what is being advertised, and then decide whether they will save the flyer, or send it to the trash. I had to keep the message of the flyers short and simple. While some people may like special fonts and color mixtures, they can also annoy others and make the flyers look less serious than they’re meant to be.

Once I had the design for the flyers made, I had them placed on all of the doors in the neighborhood, and hoped for the best. I thought about waiting for the residents to open their doors so I could see them read the flyers, but that would have been too time consuming, especially since I had to attend to the business. The flyers worked better than I expected. More people went to my website, and also called over the land line to inquire about my business. In an age where everything is done mostly online, it’s a little refreshing to get verbal communication from potential customers.

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