Affordable and Effective Paper Advertising

When you have a limited budget for advertisement, it’s hard to spread the word about a business. I created a website for my business, but it was only getting a few hits a day because no one really knew about it. To get more traffic and business, I had to take things offline. I came up with an idea to use door to door flyer distribution in Singapore, something that had been done for years. People don’t always pay attention to the flyers that arrive at their homes, but having them at least gives my business a fighting chance.

I knew that I would only have a few seconds for each flyer to capture the attention of the people who read them. Continue reading “Affordable and Effective Paper Advertising”

Respectfully Memorial for Friends and Family

I went online to find a memorial plaque for my best friend. I did a internet search for Jewish memorials in nj . Growing up my best friend was Jewish. I was raised Christian, so I didn’t know much about the Jewish faith. But I knew when my best friend’s mother passed away I wanted to purchase a plaque or something that would serve as a memorial of her for my friend.My best friend’s parents were so good to me when I was growing up. They would include me in lots of fun summertime activities and I always felt so welcomed in their home. I almost felt like I was their second daughter.

I was always curious about their religion, but growing up a Christian I did know a few things about their faith and my friend also did talk about her faith when we were growing up.I was a loss for a gift, for the memorial, until I found your store website. Thanks to your online store I was able to see many things I knew the family would love, things that would be a respectful reminder of my best friend’s mother. I was also able to find something to give my friend too.After the funeral I took the gifts to the reception. My friend was really moved by both of them, and so was her father and their entire family. I know it meant a lot to all of them. Death of a family member is so hard because you feel that loss all of the time. You get lost in the pain. Having a small positive gift seemed to lift their spirits. I am so glad I found your website. I definitely will purchase things from you in the future as well as recommend your store to friends and family.

My New Home is Free of Pests

When my fiancee Leah and I were seniors in college, we wanted to move in together. We planned to get an apartment together after graduation. We were ready to take on the world. After graduation, we moved into our first place. For a while, everything was going very well for us. After a year of living, things started to go bad for us. Our apartment had a bad infestation of rats and ants. We wanted to move to the Silver Spring apartments.

I first noticed something was wrong in my kitchen. I saw some ants crawling around my kitchen. I kept my apartment very clean and was puzzled how they got into my home. Every day, more and more ants kept coming. I swept the kitchen after every meal. Continue reading “My New Home is Free of Pests”

Helps Protect Our Server Room

Facility management hvac in New York City is a must have if you possess a dedicated server room. That’s the place where you store all the sensitive computer hardware. It is absolutely essential that this room be protected from the elements. Not just dust and the dirt floating through the office, which is bad enough. It is all the other stuff you have to worry about as well, things like static electricity and humidity. Any of these elements can cause the sensitive equipment to go belly up. And ruined equipment can cost the company millions of dollars in lost data.

I can think of at least two incidents in the year before we took steps to remedy these problems. Continue reading “Helps Protect Our Server Room”

Renovating Our Store and Getting a New Paved Driveway Gets Me Reminiscing

We bought our first commercial building many years ago to make a retail store to serve the neighborhood. I cannot even begin to imagine the number of cars that have come and gone in this asphalt parking lot outside of our convenience store and gas station. We have three stores now, but this first one is special. I was thinking about this when it was time to call a paving contractor in Nassau County NY to come and redo the lot. We were having the gas pumps and islands replaced and the store renovated. Now it was time for the finishing touch of a new parking lot.

I remember when we first opened. We had a gravel lot for the first year. Continue reading “Renovating Our Store and Getting a New Paved Driveway Gets Me Reminiscing”