Diwali Fun in Ahmedabad

As the atmosphere and people of Gujarat were gearing up for celebrations of the season, on 30th of September, Bridge Builders Ahmedabad conducted a unique and delightful sewa for harijan and adivasi girls of  ”Shri Jamnadas Bhagwandas Sant Krupa Kanya Gruh” and whose poor parents stay in the villages.

As the girls, who are from the age group of 10-16, live away from their near and dear ones, they experience boredom, tension and even at times depression. This sewa was a great way to enlighten and heal them. There were total of 56 girls residing in the hostel out of which 36 girls participated in the fashion show and garba competition.

The group of volunteers reached their hostel at 2 pm and after finishing all the preliminary preparations,  the activites began with prayers and the sacred Aarti.

Prizes were distributed and the winners were announced. All the winners were crowned with beautiful tiaras. They looked like little fairies. The winner was given a wrist watch and the runners up were given a hair straightener and hair dryer.

Then began the garba competition where all the girls danced to the tunes of garba. It was such a joyful sight to watch the girls enjoy  themselves.  The winner of garba competition was given a kurti and the runners up were given a hand bag and a perfume bottle. After the prize distribution, they were served sumptuous  meal which included paav, chole, samosa, pastry and mohanthal. The hostel was flooded with cheers and laughter.

The sewa ended with a feeling of solace and contentment. It was indeed a memorable experience for the girls as well as the Bridge Builders. It was a lovely experience to make them feel special.  The volunteers left the hostel with a heavy heart as they hoped that the girls would always cherish the experience.

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