Helps Protect Our Server Room

Facility management hvac in New York City is a must have if you possess a dedicated server room. That’s the place where you store all the sensitive computer hardware. It is absolutely essential that this room be protected from the elements. Not just dust and the dirt floating through the office, which is bad enough. It is all the other stuff you have to worry about as well, things like static electricity and humidity. Any of these elements can cause the sensitive equipment to go belly up. And ruined equipment can cost the company millions of dollars in lost data.

I can think of at least two incidents in the year before we took steps to remedy these problems. In one instance an employee wore the wrong type of shoes to work and caused a server malfunction due to static electricity he had built up through the soles of his shoes. In the other instance an open door and window let in a lot of dust that gummed up the server farm. They had to go through line after line in the logs to try and find out what was happening. It was a real mess.

That was why we invested money into facility management. We needed someone to come in and constantly monitor things like humidity levels and the temperature to make sure the computer hardware could do its work without problems. The company we went with has four decades of experience in this area and it shows. They are total professionals and in no time at all they had our hardware secured from these types of threats. That doesn’t mean problems still couldn’t occur as someone could still discharge static electricity and kill a server, but it’s less likely to happen with the perfect moisture level in the building.

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