My New Home is Free of Pests

When my fiancee Leah and I were seniors in college, we wanted to move in together. We planned to get an apartment together after graduation. We were ready to take on the world. After graduation, we moved into our first place. For a while, everything was going very well for us. After a year of living, things started to go bad for us. Our apartment had a bad infestation of rats and ants. We wanted to move to the Silver Spring apartments.

I first noticed something was wrong in my kitchen. I saw some ants crawling around my kitchen. I kept my apartment very clean and was puzzled how they got into my home. Every day, more and more ants kept coming. I swept the kitchen after every meal. I even tried bug spray to stop them. It took a long time, but they finally disappeared. Unfortunately, that was not the end of my pest problem.

One day, Leah saw a rat in the bathroom while she was taking a shower. She screamed so loudly, I was almost scared to death. I thought she might have been seeing things at first, but I saw the rats as well. Much too my horror, We discovered there were more rats in the apartment. We could hear them scurrying around in the walls an night. It was hard for us to sleep. Leah was so scared, she could not relax in our home. As a man, I could not let this happen to my fiancee. I needed to take action. We called an exterminator, but he was no help. We had to move.

We went apartment hunting the next day. We saw some apartments that were actually better than ours. The price was very reasonable. We jumped at the chance and purchased it.

Leah and I am so glad that we moved to our new place. My fiancee and I can finally rest and have peace of mind once again.

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