Renovating Our Store and Getting a New Paved Driveway Gets Me Reminiscing

We bought our first commercial building many years ago to make a retail store to serve the neighborhood. I cannot even begin to imagine the number of cars that have come and gone in this asphalt parking lot outside of our convenience store and gas station. We have three stores now, but this first one is special. I was thinking about this when it was time to call a paving contractor in Nassau County NY to come and redo the lot. We were having the gas pumps and islands replaced and the store renovated. Now it was time for the finishing touch of a new parking lot.

I remember when we first opened. We had a gravel lot for the first year. The first time we paved was like a marker that we were here to stay. It was another investment in our future. I have no idea how many thousands and thousands of customers have walked through our doors over the years or how many cars have parked in that parking lot. Our new stores are the ultramodern layout you see for other big convenience stores, but this one still has its original neighborhood charm. It is not a huge sprawling building and property, but we offer those quick things people want on their way to work. Our coffee is the best, and our doughnuts and prepared sandwiches are too. Our regular customers come in five days a week at least. We have some long time customers we see every day.

I know it is a bit weird to get all philosophical about a new paved parking lot being put in, but this store has been my family’s life now into the fourth generation. My father and mother started it, and my wife and I took it over when they retired. Now our daughter is running the store with her husband, and they just had a baby. That is what makes getting a new paved driveway to take us into the future something that is special.

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