Right Here! Right Now!

The evening of the 23rd of February 2013 saw the Sadhu Vaswani Mission campus packed to its capacity with people of all ages eagerly awaiting the performance of the first mega play of the year by the Bridge Builders, Pune in connection with Thanksgiving Week .

The evening commenced with a session of spiritual melodies which saw the congregation chanting as one. The arrival of Beloved Dada amidst the collective singing added to the divine atmosphere.

Neha Milani, chairperson of the Bridge Builders welcomed the chief guest, Rohit Motwani, Captain of Maharashtra Ranji Team , before the screening of the Bridge Builders promotional video and anthem showcasing the varied activities of the youth wing.

Young Rohit then spoke a few words to the audience in which he shared that after his visit to “DARSHAN ” ( A technological wonder based on life & teachings of Sadhu T.L. Vaswani ) , he agreed that it was indeed the 8th wonder of the world. He also expressed, with tears in his eyes, that while meeting Revered Dada J.P.Vaswani he felt that he had met God!!

Beloved Dada reminisced the the title ‘Right Here! Right now!’ brought to his mind an incident from the Master Sadhu Vaswani’s life where while addressing a gathering of collegians, a student expressed that he believed that God was nowhere. But Gurudev convinced the student that God was in deed “now here” (the same letters spelt differently). One just needs to be aware of His omnipresence.

Revered Dada then urged the audience to accept whatever happens in their lives as a Prasad from God who is the merciful one and will never harm his children. He adviced the congregation to stop identifying with the human body since each individual is an immortal spirit. He concluded by saying that a person whose life draws close to God enters the kingdom of happiness and blessings and receives a joy that no one else knows.

As the curtain lifted in preparation for the play, the viewers prepared to open their eyes and learn the lessons that the it had to offer.

They theatre-style performance told the story of 6 female protagonists who come together unexpectedly one night for the first time. Each one leads a life distinctly different from the other. But each one faces her share of trials and tribulations.

During the course of the night they end up sharing their life’s problems with Tammana who is a follower of Beloved Dada. And it is through her interactions and experiences with Him that she provides them with simple, practical yet life-altering solutions to their predicaments.

The following were Revered Dadaji’s teachings on various subjects as revealed by the plot:

On work and professional stress: Our work often comes in the way of our relationships. Revered Dada believes one must never overwork because work is not an end. It is only a means. If we work in the right spirit our inner-self is purified.

On bringing up children: We often find that our siblings or children are treading the wrong path and are beyond our control. Dadaji citied the example of St. Augustine who started living with a prostitute but whose mother prayed for him for 18 years so that he may change his ways. He is regarded today as the chief of saints. Beloved Dada pointed out that if we argue, children become more obstinate. We must instead be willing to pray for a lifetime to see the change we desire.

On failure: Each one of us goes through a phase where we seem to fail at everything we try. Dadaji advices us to accept even failure as the will of God. He assures us that we will always find something in it that we really need. God is always generous. In all conditions there is a meaning of mercy. We must accept this and move forward.

On acceptance: At times we are not able to live up to the expectations of others, making us feel unaccepted. In such a situation dear Dada suggests that we pray so that the situation may change. That whatever we do may please our near and dear ones. He explains that suicide is not a solution , but a dissolution . He teaches us that life is a gift of God which only He can take away.

On rebellion: On certain occasions we may be compelled to choose between our parents’ wishes and our own. Dadaji firmly believes that the human birth is a gift given to us by our parents for which we must be eternally grateful to them. He stresses that we must not do anything that displeases our parents.

‘Right here! Right now!’ written by Siddharth Kulkarni and directed by award winning director – Mr. Digpal Lanjekar , beautifully showcased only a few of the numerous life-changing teachings of Revered Dada J.P.Vaswani. It demonstrated that His teachings can be interpreted by each one to suit their situation.

The performance concluded with the thanksgiving song through which the audience thanked God and dear Dada for what they already have and vowed to stop grumbling about what they didn’t!

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